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Product Features

All the tools you need to manage  
Value Streams and improve performance in any organization

nVeris® AI Acceleration

Map Your Value Stream Quickly

The platform removes friction from the mapping process, allowing more time for crucial collaboration to identify opportunities and build consensus for continuous improvement.
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Value Stream Analytics

Visualize Performance Improvement

Value Stream Analytics with ROI trending enables informed investment in process improvements. By tracking value stream metrics over time, organizations can visualize progress and make data-driven decisions.
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Real Time Collaboration

Invite your team to join real-time collaboration sessions to refine maps, collect scores, apply dot voting, and brainstorm enablements in a highly intuitive, game-like experience.
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The Process

Unlock efficiency and insight with nVeris®

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Define Value

Start with what brings value to your customer. What is the trigger? How many are produced in a given period? How long before your customer receives value? Engage with your customers. They will have plenty to say and then let's go!
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Map Your Value Stream

Define the steps until value is received. Focus on the activities & hand-offs between functions. Start on your own or share the QR code with a group to launch a collaborative canvas. We made it mobile and fast. Woo Hoo!
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Score Your Value Stream

Share the QR-Score code and rapidly score from different points of view. Capture Flow metrics for each with Wait Time, Processing Time, and Quality. Quickly identify and tag functional areas.
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Relentlessly Improve

Compare Flow metrics by function, across industries, company size, Value Stream type, and your own scores over time. Update and score regularly to continuously improve. Delight your customers by improving quality and accelerating value.

Accelerate Value

Relentlessly Lean Value Stream Management™

Effortlessly optimize value streams. Collaborate in real-time. Visualize processes, understand handoffs, score metrics, dot vote and track enablement efforts. All in one powerful platform - nVeris
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